Diane's Sugar Shack Creations was founded in October of 2016, the result of a passion for using homemade, locally and naturally sourced products as often as possible. Since founding, we have added new products to our line and continue to grow,                                                                        


expanding upon the basics we know and love, while creating new, exciting products. What all began as experimentation with essential oils has grown to include homemade soaps, lotions, candles, and more. Yet it doesn't stop there! Year round we continue to develop new products and brainstorm new ideas. As we continue to grow more products will be added, including various

seasonally available items. The roots of this company begin with a small hand built cabin in the backwoods of Northeast Pennsylvania. Known affectionately by family as "the sugar shack", it was the basis for the name of Diane's Sugar Shack Creations. The cabin was sold by the family 



numerous years ago, but was reclaimed and revived in 2013. Originally painted red and white, it serves as a symbol of this business, and pays homage to our home grown roots. Once reclaimed, a red "Z" was affixed to the top of the cabin as a tribute to the family members who originally built it and brought it to life. Unfortunately, the cabin sat on contested land, and was not able to be kept, but it's 

memories and lessons live on through our enthusiasm for local products and small business,

made straight from the heart.

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